Industrial Oils


GENUINE HLP is a range quality anti-wear type hydraulic oil blended from high quality base stocks and selected additives formulated primarily as heavy-duty, anti-wear hydraulic oil with excellent water separating characteristics. They are suitable for use in most modern hydraulic control system incorporating a wide variety of pump designs. Their excellent performance characteristics as a hydraulic oil makes them equality suitable as a lubricating oil in a wide range of industrial Applications.


Recommended for use in construction plant equipment and the heavier viscosity grades may be used for gear lubricant where EP type gear oil is not required. The approved Hyrax HLP viscosity grade should be determined by the equipment manufacturer's recommendations.


  • Possess excellent oxidation to provide , resistance and stability to provide long service life without formation of sludge and deposits, prevent blocking of ports, values and controls
  • Possess good demulsibility properties, enabling ready separation of entrained water and prevent the formation of stable emulsion with the consequent loss of lubricant power
  • Superior anti-rust properties protects against rusting of metal surfaces


  • DIN 51524 HLP PART 2
  • VICKERS M-2950-S, 1-286-S U.S STE-EL 136,127
  • DENISON HF-1, HF-2, HF-0 AFNOR E 48-603